Maintain Your Sand Trap with Our Sand Trap Services in Albuquerque, NM

If you work in a car wash, you probably have a sand trap. A sand trap is used to capture certain elements, such as sand or mud. Learn how the experts at AAA Pumping Service can meet your sand trap needs with services like sand trap pumping.
overflowed sand trap in Albuquerque, NM
Typical Sand Trap before Service
sand trap in Albuquerque, NM
Typical Sand Trap before Service
cleaned sand trap in Albuquerque, NM
After AAA's Pumping & Pressure Washing

What Is a Sand Trap?

A sand trap is a container is made of metal or concrete, and it contains baffles of chambers that trap sand, mud, grit, and other materials, allowing wastewater to move through.
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How a Sand Trap Works

Places that accumulate sand and mud often include a sand trap. The sand and mud drains through a grate or pipe in the floor where it enters the sand trap. The sand trap allows sand and other particles to settle on the bottom, while the unfettered water is then allowed to pass through into the city sewer system.

Where Is a Sand Trap Necessary?

A sand trap is necessary anywhere sand and grit accumulate and are washed away. Here are a few examples.

Lift Stations

A lift station is often part of municipal water supply management systems. It is a series of values and pumps that move water or sewage from low areas. The lift station helps to separate the sludge from the water, so a sand trap is necessary to remove grit and mud from the water in the lift station. Additionally, when lift stations back up, they require pumping and cleaning.


Ponds are beautiful features to have on your home or property. However, to ensure your pond has a beautiful clear-looking surface, pond filters, as well as periodic cleanings and pumping services, are necessary.


Lagoons can be used for various reasons. Make sure yours stays clean with a sand trap and filtration system. Additionally, in order to keep your lagoon clean and well-kept, you will need to schedule periodic cleaning and pumping services.

Flooded Parking Lots

If a series of floods or lots of water runoff has caused a parking lot to become flooded, a sand trap is necessary for efficient wastewater cleanup. If your parking lot has flooded, call AAA Pumping for wastewater removal.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools need sand traps and filtration systems because grit, mud, and other particles can build up from contaminated outside sources. If you have a pool that has become dirty and contaminated, the experts at AAA Pumping can remove all dirty water and get your pool up and running again.

Car Washes

Car washes require sand traps because they remove the sand and grit that accumulate on dirty cars and other vehicles. You need a trap to allow wastewater to drain freely. However, the sand and grit will accumulate in your sand traps, so you'll need to call AAA Pumping to have them cleaned and the sand trap waste removed.
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