FAQs About Our Portable Potty Rental in Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM

How much do portable toilets cost?
It depends on what kind of restroom you will need, and where the portable toilet is going. Is it a restroom rental for a special event or for construction? How long will you need the toilet rental? How many restrooms do you need? Please call for information that is more specific.
What do portable toilets include?
  • Tissue Paper
  • Biodegradable Deodorizer (Yes, AAA is green!)
  • Urinal and Seat
  • Pre-Drop off Power Steam Clean
  • Bacteria-Free Interior
All restrooms are ready for use when they are dropped off. AAA's portable toilet rentals are also 100% self-contained.
Do you deliver and pick up?
Yes, we do to just about anywhere in New Mexico. Just call for availability.
How soon can you deliver?
Usually the following day, but we do offer same day delivery for an additional fee. Just call for availability.
Can you deliver today?
Yes, most likely, depending on location and for an additional same day fee.
Can you bill me?
If you are an established customer — Yes.
If you are a new construction customer — Yes.
All weekend and special events must be pre-paid by credit card or COD on delivery.
When is my service day?
Your service day will depend on your geographic location, but our operations department can let you know your service day(s) when you place your rental order.
Can I lock the unit?
Yes—AAA restroom units come with a hasp on them. You can supply your own combo lock and provide us with the combination for servicing, or we can supply you with a lock for a small one-time charge.
Can you place the unit where I want it?
Yes, as long as the unit is accessible to our service drivers. Toilets must be stationed within 25 feet of our service truck access.
What areas do you service?
All of New Mexico and parts of Texas and Colorado.

Do you have units with wheels?
Yes, we have units with and without wheels.

Can I put the unit on the street?
Unless you have permission or authorization, it has to be on your property, not on city property.

Do they come with sinks?
The standard unit does not, but you can upgrade to a VIP restroom, which will include a hand wash sink, soap, and paper towels, which is all self-contained. We also have freestanding sinks available upon request.

Do they come with seat covers?
Yes, upon request.

Do they have lights? My function is an evening event.
Yes, they can upon request. We provide an optional soft florescent closet light. Suspended from the units vent, the cost is minimal and provides ample lighting for guest usage. Optional lighting is available for a slight rental fee. Ask for details.

How often would the unit be serviced?
Special event units are dropped off and picked up on a prearranged date. 90% off all special event units will not require service, but it is an option that can added for those needing service.
Non-event units are available for those needing units for longer than a day or weekend, and, on these, a one-time per week minimum is required for 10 workers working a 40-hour week.

Do I have to be there when you deliver the unit?
No, AAA can take all placement information to make delivery at time of order.

Are you open weekends?

Where does the light and ventilation come from?
Each toilet unit has a translucent roof, which provides natural light and illumination of more than 400 lux., which calculates out to mean the transparency is in the 30% range. Lightbulbs are not installed standard into our units, not only because of the expensive installation cost, but also because of the public vandalism mentality.
The toilet also has enough ventilation, which is provided on three sides of the toilet while still giving the user total privacy. They are discreetly placed and cannot be seen through from the outside.

How much does the average portable toilet weigh?
The weight of the unit varies between 160 lbs. to 330 lbs., depending on the type of unit.

What is the capacity of the waste tank on a standard portable toilet unit?
The capacity varies from 60–85 gallons depending on the model.

How many people can use the units?
The number of people using the units varies from 75 uses to 150 or more uses depending on the model of the toilet. A standard unit would be adequate for usage by 10 to 15 men working an 8–9 hour workday, five days per week, with one cleaning per week.

How is the toilet cleaned?
The portable toilet cabin is main-free (meaning it does not need to be connected to a septic tank or sewer line) and has to be evacuated or cleaned using a vacuum driven system, which is provided by AAA Pumping Service.

How can 100-plus people use a unit continuously without the waste being evacuated?
The portable toilet unit contains a waste tank. Before the unit is used (at the time of the cleaning session), the tank is charged with an eco-friendly biochemical additive which helps in degrading solid waste considerably. The biochemical liquid has a pleasant fragranced aroma, keeping the toilet unit in pristine condition and preventing foul smell. It is biodegradable and not harmful to the environment, drainage, or the treatment plant where it is safely disposed. The biochemical solution is Formaldehyde free and is on par with international waste regulations.

Does the cleaning service cost money?
All good things come for a price and so does AAA's cleaning service. The cleaning service consists of a waste collection tank mounted on a truck coupled with a vacuum pump, which evacuates the waste and cleans the toilet with fresh water using a high pressure jetting system. The cost is minimal as compared to the value of the services provided. Unless otherwise stated, your base quote includes the one-time per week service.

What is the difference between a drop tank, a re-circulating tank, and a fresh water tank?
All the above are types of waste tanks and systems. A drop tank is an open tank, which has no frills, and it is used as a popular toilet for construction sites, roadsides, and places where one needs to do a quick job and then move on to a new location. Often referred to Porto-Let, Port-O-Potty, Portable Restrooms, Portable Toilet, J-John, or one of many other nicknames, the system has no flushing facility. Hand-wash water can be provided inside this particular unit with a capacity of about 100 liters. The water can only be used for hand washing and for washing ablutions. It cannot substitute a flush.

The re-circulating tank takes deodorized liquid and provides home-like flushing. In this tank, fresh water is run into the waste tank. The biochemical is then added to the water, turning it blue, and indicating the unit is ready for use. As the unit is used, the solid waste settles down to the bottom of the waste tank leaving the clear water above. The unit has a re-circulating system, where, as the name suggests, the clear water is re-circulated from time to time when the flush is engaged and clear water, which is blue in color, effectively arrives in the cistern and cleans it. After a number of uses, the color of the water starts becoming yellowish—an indicator to the cleaning service of a needed cleaning.
Fresh-water flush is exactly like the flushing systems in our homes. There is a separate water tank, which is provided inside the unit and every time the flush is engaged, fresh water arrives in the cistern, cleans the toilet bowl, and settles in the waste tank.

Do you rent dumpsters?
No we don't. If you need one, we recommend calling 505-899-DUMP (3867) or visiting http://dumpsterexpressnm.com/.

How often should I clean my septic tank?

For most households, it is recommended that you have your septic tank cleaned once every 2 years. In some cases, more or less pumping may be required.

How can I tell if my septic tank needs pumping or if the drain field is failing?

Some of the signs of these issues include:
  • Sluggish Drainage in Home
  • Gurgling Sounds in Pipes and Drains
  • Your Plumbing Is Backing Up
  • Outdoor Odors
  • Mushy Ground around Your Septic System